Praying with Saint Benedict

Praying with Saint Benedict was written for the thousands of lay Christians who are drawn to the Rule of St. Benedict and desire to incorporate it into their daily devotional practice. Those who study the Rule aspire to apply the Benedictine values of community, hospitality, humility, simplicity, and prayer in their daily lives.

This unique book incorporates the passage of scripture that Benedict cites, three contemplation questions that facilitate lectio divina, and a concluding prayer. Unlike other commentaries on the Rule, the reflections here tend not to be historical or theological, but rather present personal, relatable thoughts and applications.


“Isaacson . . . writes with elegance, depth, and humbleness. . . . [He] has given Benedictines (and those curious about the Rule) a rich and accessible resource for prayer, reflection, and confession in our daily disciplines. This will be my new go-to book as I reflect on the Rule.”
—The Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama, Episcopal Diocese of Oregon

“A graceful and accessible way to encounter the timeless wisdom of the Rule of Benedict in the company of a prayerful companion and experienced guide. This magnificent book works like a devotional where you can bring your present-day life into conversation with this ancient text and let it shape and nurture you. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about growing toward spiritual maturity and wholeness.”
—Johnny Sears, Director of the Academy for Spiritual Formation at the Upper Room

“With selections from the Rule and the scriptures as well as contemplative questions and personal reflections, we are offered a gentle and thoughtful road map to Benedictine spirituality. If you ever have wondered how the Rule might fit in your life, then this is the book for you.”
—Westina Matthews, adjunct professor at the Center for Christian Spirituality at General Theological Seminary, New York