Cornerstone Community

Community Life, Daily Prayer, Study, and Holy Work Following The Rule of St Benedict 

Members of the Cornerstone Community strive to follow the path of Jesus Christ through the practice of prayer, study, community, and action. For Cornerstone, the world is our cloister. We find that applying the Benedictine vows and practices to contemporary life helps us live in the world with purpose and joy. Members of our lay order commit to a balanced practice of regular prayer, study and work. We meet in small groups, none larger than ten participants, who meet weekly to support each other in our Benedictine life.

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Elaine Stewart Harris is the abbot of our Cornerstone community. Elaine introduced me to the Rule of St. Benedict, Benedictine practice, and the Cornerstone community at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon. She has been my spiritual exemplar and mentor ever since. According to the Rule, the role of the abbot is to be a teacher and a shepherd (RSB 2), gently leading through prayerful listening, counseling, and direction. We give thanks for Elaine’s loving leadership and spiritual encouragement.

Cornerstone member, the Rev. Marianne Allison, blessing an icon of St. Benedict written by Dennis Sellon, at a summer Cornerstone gathering..